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November 23, 2022

Software R&D Engineer (CDI)

Job description

Company presentation

Lytid develops and commercializes advanced photonic products for industry and academy. Our goal is valorizing state-of-the-art THz and IR technologies into high-performance and accessible products. Diverse core technologies are employed by Lytid, including Quantum Cascade Lasers, electronic multiplied sources based on planar GaAs Schottky diodes, InGaAs SWIR scientific camera and mmw/sub-THz FMCW sensors. Our portfolio is developed with the aim of making these technologies available to demanding users who want to explore IR and THz applications, while delivering a plug&play, user-friendly product. Our systems are compact, powerful, reliable, easy-to-use and fully integrated, releasing the users from the complexity of the technologies.
As high-end THz and IR technologies, originally exclusively available in research labs, are made available for industry, awareness of their potential for industrial applications is rapidly raising. Applications to non-destructive testing, medical imaging, quality control in Pharma and Agrifood can benefit from Lytid’s solutions, suitable for both academic and industrial end-users.
In the frame of supporting its fast growth on our specific technologies, along with the enrichment and constant improvement of our product range, Lytid is looking to hire a talented co-worker specialized in:

Algorithmic developments and data processing

You will integrate the existing technical and development team. You have a strong appetite for demanding algorithmic and advanced data processing approaches, wrapped in a startup-like entrepreneurial spirit with additional embedded software development capabilities. Your passion for highly-technological products can drive you on specific challenges, and prospective works.
You will be in charge of the software developments related to our fast-growing FMCW radar projects, including development of new algorithms, signal processing chain designs and application-specific machine learning techniques. Embedded development is an integral part of the job. Good team communication and organization skill will ensure optimal projects progresses. and will make you effective in your role along the various projects that will be granted to you.


  • Development, optimization an adaptation of advanced algorithmic approaches on sensors data sets, targeting specific applicative industrial testing and metrology
  • Processing acceleration and optimization using GPU and/or embedded Xylinx FPGA
  • Machine learning approaches on several application-specific use cases according to customer needs
  • Development of firmware and management of embedded libraries for Lytid’s hardware solutions, on STM32 microcontroller platform, featuring SPI, I2C, UART communication protocols, ADC and DAC read-outs and USB, Ethernet Data transmission protocols.
  • Ensure the maintenance and traceability of the delivered code.
  • Formulating feedbacks and consulting with technical teams targeting the optimization of the current solutions

Desired profile

Qualifications/Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Requirements

  • Scientific/engineer background is required. PhD Highly recommended, with 3-5 years of professional experience or equivalent profiles.
  • Excellent level of English is required, both written and spoken, other languages (in particular French) would be a plus.
  • Experience in software solutions developments for industrial environments.
  • Full professional proficiency for C programing environments for algorithmic design and optimization
  • Scientific/ Physics background with responsive thinking as to apprehend hardware operation principle and physical principle at stake.
  • Appetite and interests in advanced algorithmic and data processing schemes, machine learning processes, …
  • Good programing skills in LabVIEW, Vivado environments (Xylinx FPGA, Vivado Verilog / VHDL), and MATLAB. Knowledgeable on STM32 platforms.
  • Experience in working with FMCW radars is a plus.
  • Good abilities for bibliography and technological prospection work for hardware and software solutions: scientific publications, Datasheets, PCBs, …
  • While you are expected to work autonomously and to organize, structure and complete multiple projects in an efficient and timely manner team working spirit is required.