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Lille, France
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September 22, 2022

Project Manager, Drug Discovery

Company description

Apteeus is a small company acting in the field of rare monogenetic disease.

We are close to patients, clinicians and researchers to help in translating any science into therapeutic. Drug repurposing in the fastest way to do it. This is why we developped a Discovery Engine aiming at indetifying by screening on patient cells, the drug(s) that could meet the medical need of patient.

With several candidate drugs in our pipeline, we are seeking partners to bring our last discoveries to the clinic...

Job description

Apteeus mission is to enhance life expectancy and quality of life of patient suffering from rare and orphan diseases through the discovery and development of innovative medicines. We have developed a breakthrough screening technology to be able to test all available active pharmaceutical ingredients in the world directly on patient cells. With this technology, drug discovery is brought to the patient’s bed, opening unprecedented ways to truly personalized medicine.
We are seeking a highly motivated science and result-driven research manager who will be key in advancing our preclinical scientific activities. The successful candidate will utilize state-of-the-art and innovative cellular screening technologies, in vitro and in vivo technics. He or she will be involved in establishing, validating and implementing relevant assays to measure disease-specific phenotypes. The studies performed will involve cutting edge science and require innovative concepts and strategies. Some knowledge in pharmaceutical science will be highly appreciated. The role requires dedication to drive science, flexibility, excellent communication and organization, and efficient interaction with a team of scientists, research associates and external collaborators to advance multiple projects in parallel.

Desired profile

Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
• Designing, planning, performing and analyzing in vitro and in vivo experiments.
• Taking care of, working with and characterizing precious clinical samples.
• Maintaining familiarity with current scientific literature.
• Investigating and developing new methods and technologies for project advancement.
• Interfacing on a regular basis with lead scientific staff to organize, coordinate, schedule and execute experimental work. This may include designing, performing, and presenting experimental results.

• Ability and appetite to work on a start-up mode
• Effective engagement, Strength of proposal
• Ability to analyze, synthesize and communicate
• English bilingual
• Minimum education PhD degree from an accredited college/university in a field related to biomedical research.
• 2 years of responsibilities and technical experience in an industrial and/or academic lab.
• Experience with a variety of cell-related technologies and mass spectrometry.
• Strong communication skills that enable the individual to interact with all levels of management, technical and scientific collaborators.