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August 04, 2022

Founder in Residence - Bioproduction

Company description

Marble is a climate tech venture studio. We partner with scientists, engineers and operators to build deeptech startups that slash emissions, remove carbon from the atmosphere, and create climate resilience.

The climate crisis is the most pressing challenge of our times. We need breakthrough solutions to address hard-to-abate emissions, as available technologies only get us halfway. However, we can’t put all our hopes in classic tech transfer. We need to intentionally create and deploy radical solutions.

As Founders-in-Residence, they work with us on "hard climate problems" and build ventures with massive impact potential.

We invest in the best teams at pre-seed.

Our mission: bring us at least one gigaton closer to net zero and create a future that thrives.

Job description

Hard Climate Problem: Bioproduction
Biocatalysis is a promising route to decarbonise essential chemicals like ammonia, hydrogen, and plastics. However, bioproduction has historically faced slow R&D cycles and key scaleup bottlenecks. With notable exceptions, commercial endeavours have been limited to low-volume, high-value products.
We are interested in new pathways and tools that could overcome these barriers and unlock the true power of biology to clean some of the most polluting industrial sectors.

Potential opportunities

  • Microbial biocatalysis
  • Cell-free biocatalysis
  • Bioreactor scaleup
  • Novel bioreactors and biohybrids (e.g bioelectrochemistry)
  • Computational biology, from gene discovery to process engineering

We are actively looking for new Founders in Residence to join us, either:

  • As First Founders, to scope entirely new approaches
  • As Co-Founders, for projects in development within Marble

Apply at: https://marble.studio/ or see the programme structure!

Desired profile

Ideal Background(s)
If you are a mission-driven individual with deep expertise in one of the areas below, or any adjacent field, we would love to hear from you!

  • Synthetic biology, molecular biology, biochemistry or related, with experience in biocatalysis, strain selection, and/or heterologous expression
  • OR bioelectrochemistry, environmental engineering or related, with experience in electrochemical cell design, ideally in real-world conditions
  • OR industrial biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, ideally with direct experience in bioreactor design, optimisation and scaleup
  • OR computational biology, systems biology, bioprocess engineering or related.

Nice to have: fundamentals of chemical and process engineering, separation technology, techno economic modelling, life cycle assessment