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July 02, 2021

Docteur es biologie - Ingénieur commercial F/H

Company description

4DCell est une entreprise de biotechnologie française innovante qui vise à révolutionner l’univers pharmaceutique en répondant à l'urgence de remplacer les modèles animaux par des modèles cellulaires in vitro intelligents.

L’entreprise développe des systèmes de culture cellulaire permettant le contrôle du microenvironnement cellulaire en utilisant son expertise en biophysique et microfabrication. Ces modèles s'attaquent aux défis sanitaires mondiaux actuels en matière de découverte de médicaments et de toxicologie, tels que l'insuffisance cardiaque, l'immuno-oncologie, les maladies hépatiques, les troubles neuronaux. Ces nouveaux dispositifs d’étude sont appelés à devenir la nouvelle norme en matière de culture cellulaire et à révolutionner les tests de dépistage pharmaceutique et de toxicologie en augmentant la prévisibilité des modèles in vitro.

Nous vous offrons la chance de faire partie d'une mission importante : être un acteur clé de la prochaine génération de modèles in vitro qui feront partie d'un marché pharmaceutique plus efficace et éthique.

Nous sommes en contact avec les experts les plus talentueux du marché pour faire face à ces nouveaux défis.

Nous sommes passionnés, sélectifs et ambitieux. Nous offrons des opportunités de développement de carrière sans autre limite que la vôtre.

Job description

As the next application scientist of 4Dcell you will be part of the 4Dcell Business Development team,
where you will be responsible to develop and drive lasting business opportunities by looking for novel
areas where 4Dcell’s technology can be applied (academics & pharmaceuticals).
In this position you will be responsible for establishing new business opportunities by understanding
technical challenges of potential customers and build new products on this basis. For this aim, you will
be in contact with new customers through meetings, conferences and one-to-one discussions.
Therefore, you can easily establish connections with researchers (Professors and PhDs) and other
business developers from the area. You have an excellent ability to rapidly build an understanding of
their technical and scientific challenges. You can easily apply your skills to explore the potential client
needs while passing a trustworthy message.
Office location: Montreuil – Croix de Chavaux (Paris, East)
Playground: Europe, USA, ASIA

Responsibilities & deliverables
Be in contact with public and private research labs and work with potential customers to explore valuable
applications of 4Dcell technologies and expertise, on every topic where control the cell
microenvironment could be a profitable need.

▪ Perfectly understand the market of in vitro models on drug discovery and toxicology, and the challenges
of the predictability of in vitro models
▪ Identify the academic KOL developing immune, hepatho, onco, dermato, neuronal innovative in vitro
models and identify synergies with 4Dcell to create a ready-to-go offer for the pharma market
▪ Give presentations and have in-depth technical discussions with potential customers with the objective
to create a solution fit that provides the highest possible value to the customer’s research
▪ Participate to 4Dcell sale force on the academic market
▪ Support development of marketing materials including brochures, application notes, product data
sheets and technical presentations
▪ Support customers with installation, training and application support on their 4Dcell systems 

Desired profile

 This position is ideal for an experienced professional who wants to be part of a dynamic team, pushing
a novel breakthrough technology, and enjoys being exposed to a constant variety of customer
application areas. The successful candidate will possess the following combination of education and

▪ Typically a PhD in Biophysics, Cell Biology or similar discipline, with at least 3 years of postdoc
experience in a relevant research environment. Experience in pharma is appreciated and/or preclinical
▪ Extensive experience with biological applications of biophysical techniques such as 3D cell culture and
microfabricated cell culture systems, in particular with assay development
▪ Business oriented
▪ Ability to work in a team environment
▪ Excellent, enthusiastic, clear communication skills with a diverse audience is critical
▪ Willingness to travel both within the continent as well as globally and possession of a valid passport
Excellent level of English

What we offer
▪ Freedom and responsibility in structuring and leading your work
▪ You become part of a high-energy and rapidly growing team that build new and truly game-changing
high-tech products
▪ The possibility to explore the combination of a commercial start-up and science
▪ Working closely together with our experts in technology, marketing, sales, application scientists, and